Madeline Reddington

Seattle, Washington

Madeline Reddington

Journalist, Freelance Artist, Content Creator


Food Forest in the City: Seattle’s Beacon Hill Begins a Radical Experiment with Common Space

Seattle’s Beacon Food Forest (BFF) will hold an official opening ceremony for what may become the country’s largest public space for gardening and foraging.
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The Science Today: How About a Thimble of Whiskey to Test Out That Tiny Liver?

Science likes to party in the sun too—but especially when it’s also an occasion to celebrate some good news in the fight against HIV!
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The Science Today: Naked Mole Rats Are Cancer Proof

Today, science adds silver to antibiotics, finds out why naked mole rats don’t get cancer, lowers radiation exposure in CT scans, and zooms in on...
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The Science Today: U Can't Touch This (Or Patent It)

Today, science hopes a recent decision about gene patents will help fight breast cancer, finds that melanoma is smell-able (how very Hannibal of us), learns...
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The Science Today: Peeing On a M***erf***ing Solar Plane

Today, science is using dogs to study an endangered animal, investigating the bioweaponry of ladybugs, developing printable astronaut food, and learning the ins and outs...
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The Science Today: They Ate Her

Today, science is concerned about: CO2, neutrinos and such at Town Hall, a skull archaeologists dug up, and how IBM has made the world’s smallest...
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Reclaiming their inner divas, one wig at a time

If drag queens are able to transform themselves into stunning figures of female sexuality, what can they do for straight women?
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Creepy or funny?

Author David Bickel captures the 'unintentionally creepy' aspects of everyday life.
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Ditch the office for a farm

City boys Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell left their NYC lives to make soap and raise chickens. We watch in awe.
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We wonder because that's what humans do. We live on the edge of trying to understand things our minds can grasp. We contemplate infinity. We wonder if there might be tiny invisible organisms in water, and then we invent a microscope.
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Take Your Pick of the Fruits Around Town?

I wonder if I’m alone in this: I have memories of my first blackberry seasons as a kid in Seattle—walking on tiptoe to reach the...
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The Science Today: The Killer Pollution in China

Today, science estimates some of the human damage done by years of coal burning in China, studies how certain mammals are able to choose the...
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Madeline Reddington

I'm a writer, multidisciplinary artist, yoga teacher and curious human who loves to tell stories—especially ones that live at the intersections of art, science and human behavior.

I'm from Seattle and have a B.A. in Print & Digital Journalism from the University of Southern California. I started The Stranger's biweekly slog column, “The Science Today," and currently write about education, startup culture, yoga and art and design.



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